Top Academy adheres to the principles of Wagor Academy
– Wisdom, Advancement, and Grace. This program
has been designed with diverse courses and club activities
based on core ideas for developing children’s varied
potential. The aim is to promote the growth of children’s
health and cultivate their creativity and critical thinking
so that they will gain confidence through learning and
have the courage to face the challenges and to pursue
their “Top” goals in life.
To enhance children’s IQ, PQ and EQ, and to equip them
with the ability to succeed in the future, Top Academy
offers a variety of brain training courses and clubs that
are dynamic or developmental for both kindergarten and
elementary school children on week days and weekends;
including Lego EV3, creative Science, soccer, chess,
rock climbing, music, and various artistic activities.
Here, at Top Academy, we believe children are willing to
learn when they enjoy learning. We provide the best resources
and our children will make it even better.
T o p A c a d e m y 秉持葳格教育體系創校之理念,以
智慧、精進及博雅為核心思想, 以開發孩子的多元潛
能為前提, 設計多元的課程及社團活動, 一方面促進
葳格孩子的健康成長, 另一方面培養孩子的創意及系
統思考能力, 從學習中得到信心, 從信心中勇敢地迎
接挑戰, 追求頂尖的人生!

T o p A c a d e m y 從幼兒園到小學、從平日到假日周
末班, 提供各種益智課程及才藝社團活動, 從動態到
靜態上百種課程及活動, 包括樂高E V 3 創客、科學
社團, 開發孩子的I Q 、訓練孩子的P Q 進而培養孩子
的C Q 及E Q , 培育贏在未來的能力!

T o p A c a d e m y 我們相信當孩子能『快樂學習』就
能養成『樂於學習』的態度, 葳格提供孩子最好的,